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The people in our videos want to help English learners succeed in their journey to understand more. Our videos are authentic because we film people using the vocabulary and language they would personally use in a real-life situation.  All content on Collingua is FREE! 


Videos on Collingua can be accessed two ways:

1. Exploring the videos by selecting a category and then a theme or question.

2. Through our pages that include printable exercise guides for teachers and student exercise sheets along with accompanying videos

The following are recommendations for users:


  • Our Student Exercise Sheets helps teachers use Collingua in the most effective way possible 
  • Encourage students to use the device on which Collingua is being accessed in class. If it’s a computer and projector, ask students to take turns in using the computer. If it’s a small class and there is just one mobile device such as a tablet, pass the tablet around and ask students to play the video and read out the questions and answers to the rest of the class


  • Always listen to the video at least two or three times and repeat what was said in the video
  • Before revealing the transcript, attempt to answer the questions just from listening to the video, if the questions are still not understood – reveal the transcript for help


Video page


Title and Information: Title displays difficulty level, topic and number of the video. Information below includes which country the person is from and more specifically their accent. Levels are organised as follows: Green - beginner, Orange - intermediate and Red - advanced.

The Video: Play the video to hear the content.  Use the settings wheel to change the quality of the video if you have a slow internet connection.  The bars adjust the volume.

Multiple choice question: Read the question and all the options carefully before selecting your answer, listen to the video again if you need to.

Question and answer box: Read the question and write your answer in the box using the same vocabulary as the video. Pay attention to the instructions just above the box.

Suggestions and discussion points: Pay attention to the suggestions that remind you how to use Collingua effectively and the discussion points.

Submit button: Click this button to check your answers. If you get one or more wrong click 'Retry' and change your answer before clicking Submit again.

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